About Calloway House

The History

Calloway House was founded in 1968 on one product: Bric-Blocs. Constructed from corrugated fiberboard, their value as a long-lasting, timesaving item soon made them a popular choice in schools across the country and helped launch our line of durable corrugated fiberboard organizers, like our ever-popular File Caddies and Privacy Screens.

The Future

We’re continually expanding our line to include hundreds of carefully selected and intelligently designed time- and space-saving storage, presentation, display, and classroom-management items—many exclusive to Calloway House!

 The Mission

Education and knowledge are essential elements to life’s progression, success, and future! We are all teachers- whether we teach in a traditional classroom, a homeschool, a special needs class, a rehabilitative environment, or around the house. Regardless of the student or the setting, we teach common goals, to enrich the lives of those in our care and give them the skills they need to reach their fullest potential. Our mission at Calloway House is simple, to support learning.

Dedicated to You

We have worked hard to make important changes and add new products that will help our customers achieve their learning goals. We enlisted the help of a panel of teachers to suggest and review products, and they provided valuable insight and perspective. To those teachers who so willingly shared their time and talents, we offer our most ardent thanks! Your assistance has been indispensable.

You may notice many new products and several new lines: early education, special needs, and ESL/Spanish immersion. To meet the ever-changing needs in education, we will continue to add new products to grow and improve our product lines.

We love your feedback, so please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have! 

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Special Notice

Due to technical difficulties our phone system is currently down.  Please email us at service@callowayhouse.com and we will respond as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience!