Educational Light Cube Accessory Kit

Educational Light Cube Accessory Kit

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The perfect light table starter kit for younger students! 



Use safe and colorful materials to play with on the Educational Light Cube.  Count, sort, examine details, layer, discover patterns, and develop fine motor skills with the many safe and colorful accessories. Includes 5 clear plastic trays that fit snugly on the Light Cube, Counting and Stringing Rings, 12 Optical Illusion sheets, 2 Paint Pipettes, 2 Squiggle Pipettes, 8 clear vials, 3 Paint Scrapers, 8 Animal X-Rays, and teacher guide.



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  • 5 clear plastic trays that fit snugly on the Educational Light Cube 
  • Counting and stringing rings 
  • 12 optical illusion sheets 
  • 2 paint pipettes 
  • 2 squiggle pipettes 
  • 8 clear vials 
  • 3 paint scrapers 
  • 8 animal x-rays© 
  • Teacher guide



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