Spirit™ 4-Position Listening Center

Spirit™ 4-Position Listening Center

List Price:  $352.00   42% Savings

Item #: 136770M

Boom box, four sets of deluxe headphones and jack box provide high-quality listening for individuals or small groups. 



Includes boom box, 10-station jack box and four sets of deluxe headphones. Stereoboom boxwith bass boost has attached 5' cord for safety. Record from programmable CD player, AM/FM radio or built-in mic to auto-stop cassette deck. Headphones adjust to mono or stereo with a flip of a switch and have volume controls on each earcup. They also feature ¼" jacks and adjustable headbands with comfortable ear cushions and 10-foot cords. Stereo jack box has individual volume control and accommodates up to ten headphones. 

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