Tablet, Computer & Smartphone Jack Box

Tablet, Computer & Smartphone Jack Box

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Multi-student listening for today's technology!


Stereo jack box accommodates up to 10 headphones with today's more popular 3.5mm plugs. Features individual volume controls and has both ¼" and 3.5mm plugs for use in computers, tablets, Smartphones and media centers or daisy-chaining  jack boxes for added listeners. Jack box with ¼" jacks also available.


  • 10 jacks each accommodate a headphone with a 3.5mm adapter
  • Individual volume-control knobs
  • Provides stereo sound
  • Will work with tablets, computers, Smartphones and headphones with 3.5mm plugs
  • Silver-plated contacts help prevent “crackling” when connecting
  • Two pre-drilled holes for permanently fixing to a surface
  • The junction box has a 3.5mm adapter for use in boom boxes; PCs and Macs, and a ¼" adapter for use in another junction box or a boom box with a ¼" jack
  • 6' cord
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