Write-On Magnetic Tags - Set of 30

Write-On Magnetic Tags - Set of 30

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Colorful magnetic strips with write-on/wipe-off surface make labeling easy!

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Great for color-coded labeling of metal shelves, as nameplates for the front of metal desks, for magnetic center-rotation charts, to organize groups and more. Easy-to-change, 1" x 6" labels can be cut to any length and can be written on with a wet- or dry-erase marker (wet-erase pen included). Six each of five colors: green, yellow, orange, blue and red.


  • Easy-to-change labels can be written on with a wet- or dry-erase marker
  • Can be cut to any length
  • Includes wet-erase pen
  • Six each of five colors: green, yellow, orange, blue and red
  • Measure 1" x 6"


Place on the front of students’ desks as a visual reminder for students involved in pull-out programs. Use the different colors to code specific activities.

Use the six colors to code parts of speech.

Great for vocabulary words, spelling-list practice and word walls, too!

Label each magnet with a student’s name. These “name magnets” can be used for a variety of classroom management tasks:

Draw a vertical line on a magnetic surface. Label one column “in” and one “out.” Have students place their magnet in the appropriate column upon entering or leaving the room.

Use a similar concept for lunch count. Create enough columns for your lunch choices (hot, cold, salad, etc.). Have each student place his/her magnet in the column of their lunch choice each morning.

Create a chart on a magnetic surface to designate learning center stations and/or small-group units. Place the student magnets into the group or center in which you would like them to participate.

For behavior management: Create a three-column magnetic chart - “appropriate,” “watch” and “time out.” Move student magnets into the columns as necessary.

You or the students can use the magnets to chart progress through long-term projects such as keeping track of books read, writing improvement, term papers, etc. Create a chart with goals appropriate for the project. As the student completes each goal, they move their magnet up!

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